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 Weimar FFA Show
 FEBRUARY 15, 2019


Please find the schedule of events with
approximate times below. 
We look forward to seeing you on
February 15th!

Poultry                       8:00am

Rabbits                      8:30am

Swine                         9:00am

Lambs                        10:00am

Goats                         10:40am

Heifers                        11:30am

Steers                         12:10pm

Buckle Presentations        6:30pm

Auction                        7:00pm   




If you have supported our program in the past as a buyer, we would like to offer you our sincere thanks!  If you have never been a buyer, we would like to encourage you to become one.  By becoming a buyer, you provide your support to the youth of our community who are interested in agriculture and the future.  This in turn will benefit the future of American agriculture for us all!

Some buyers choose to pool their money and form buyer groups. These groups are formed prior to the show or during the auction. We will have paper available on which to write the members of the group. 

Some buyers choose to pool their money with the consolidated buyers group. These funds are used to purchase animals during the show and/or to distribute to animals which may have brought a lower price than others. The 2018 Consolidated Buyers' Group bumped the price on 23 animals last year!





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